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A classic Kiwi Christmas! Share this article:

A classic Kiwi Christmas!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for trusting Britannia to manage your retirement savings, and to wish you all the best for your upcoming Kiwi Christmas. For those of us who are still adjusting to celebrating Christmas in summer we thought we’d help you along with some summer essentials:

  • The native Pohutukawa tree (Metrosideros excelsa) is the traditional New Zealand Christmas tree. You’ll see the beautiful crimson flower emblazoned across Christmas paraphernalia from cards to wrapping paper and tree decorations. These trees have a lifespan of up to 100 years and are found all over New Zealand. Look out for the melodic native birds feeding on its nectar – kaka, tui and bellbirds.
  • Those who’ve forged new family traditions can be found at the beach on Christmas Day barbecuing sausages and playing cricket. Despite the heat many Kiwis still enjoy a Christmas roast with all the trimmings. Also popular on the Christmas menu is the meringue-based dessert called pavlova which you’ll typically find garnished with kiwifruit.
  • The classic Kiwi summer holiday is all about being near the water - whether it’s a beach, lake or river. An interesting study by Spark showed that of the more-than-a-million Kiwis who left their local city during summer, their preferred destination was less than 3 hours’ drive from their home.
  • Jandals are the summer footwear of choice in NZ. In fact they are so popular they are considered a Kiwi icon – you’ll find that some people wear them all year round and there’s even a National Jandal Day which is held in support of Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

When the festivities are over you might want to think about reviewing your financial plan to make sure you’re still on track for the retirement you want. The New Year is often a good time to re-focus on financial goals and it’s worth setting aside some time to talk to your adviser.

In the meantime, we wish you all a safe and happy Christmas.

The Britannia team


Meet Emma Johnson Share this article:

Meet Emma Johnson

We would like to introduce you to Emma Johnson who is one of New Zealand’s most recent UK migrants, one of 7,500 Brits who arrived here on work visas in the 12 months to June.*

Emma won a competition we ran earlier in the year scoring herself a flight to New Zealand. When she found out she’d won her first thought was “This is fate – I’m meant to be there!” Fate or not, Emma was on the plane the following week and hasn’t looked back since.

Emma first visited NZ just three years ago and made a few more trips before arriving in the country as a permanent resident in May this year.

“I love this part of the world – the lifestyle, people, climate – it’s just very relaxed here, and feels safe too. It’s quite different to the UK though so I definitely recommend to anyone thinking of moving here that they visit first to make sure the lifestyle matches up to what they want.”

Once the decision was made Emma engaged an emigration company to handle her paperwork while she focused on finding a job.

“I’m glad I didn’t do the process on my own as it saved me a lot of stress and instead of taking 3-6 months like I thought it would it took only 5 weeks! I found a job quite quickly and my new employer was really helpful in terms of providing supporting documents, so in that sense I was very lucky.”

What a whirlwind it’s been for Emma – with everything happening in just four months from deciding to make the move to being on the plane – and it’s fair to say she’s still in the honeymoon period.

“At the moment I don’t miss anything about the UK but I know that there’ll be times when I’ll miss family and friends. I’ve come to NZ with the intention of staying but I’m holding onto my house in the UK for the first 12 months because I want to be 100% sure.”

Although Emma is adamant she’s in NZ for good, she’s definitely doing the right thing by keeping her options open, and that includes transferring her pension too.

“I’ll be picking up the phone to Britannia as soon as I’ve made the decision to be in NZ for good. I’ve got a few different pensions and I’m keen to amalgamate them and bring them all to NZ. I’m planning to grow old here so it makes sense have my funds here to enjoy.”

We wish Emma all the best for her future in NZ and look forward to helping her with her pension transfer when the time’s right.

A snapshot of Brits coming to New Zealand*

  • Migrant arrivals totalled 131,400 up 5% from the previous year.
  • 12% or around 15,000 people came from the UK.
  • The UK contributed the most people arriving on work visas.
  • Around half of all migrants intend to settle in the Auckland region with 11% in the Canterbury region and 9% in the Wellington region.

(*Source: Statistics New Zealand, for the year ended June 2017)

If you know anyone who has recently made the move to NZ from the UK we’d love to hear from them. Tell them to mention your name and if they end up transferring their pension we’ll give you $250 as a thank you!

Give us a call on 0800 28 28 33 or email us at


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Meet Gareth

In this issue of Money Matters we are delighted to introduce you to Britannia adviser Gareth Grey (also known fondly as GG!).

Gareth is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) and looks after many Britannia clients who have transferred their pensions to New Zealand. Whilst Gareth is a whiz when it comes to pension transfers he’s also a highly regarded financial planner and works with his clients to put financial plans in place that include everything from insurance through to investments and retirement planning.

As a former Brit Gareth has a lot in common with many of his clients, having moved to NZ with his wife Karen in 2005. Well liked by all, he’s a genuine face-to-face operator and has received many client referrals from Nelson to Kaitaia. He’s also well-known for his professional approach and is meticulous in his information gathering, reporting and recommendations.

Gareth’s career began in the tourism industry where he honed his people and management skills before moving into finance which was a lifelong ambition. Working for a major bank he progressed through the ranks in differing roles and locations in Southern and South West England.

We put some quick fire questions to Gareth:

  • What do you like most about NZ? The great outdoors and safe environment.
  • What do you miss about the UK? Oldie English pubs and warm beer.
  • What are your hobbies? Tramping and paddle boarding.
  • What’s next on your bucket list? When I turn 50 I’m going to take a flight in a glider along the Southern Alps.
  • What do you enjoy most about your job? Exceeding client expectations.

Are we too busy today to consider our tomorrow?  Share this article:

Are we too busy today to consider our tomorrow?

By Gareth Grey – Authorised Financial Adviser, Britannia Financial Planning Ltd

This might be considered rather damning, but for most people, planning for retirement is something which generally gets put off ... often indefinitely!

Whilst we generally have good intentions to make preparations for our retirement, day-to- day matters like paying off debt or other more immediate things often get in the way. The question I hear repeatedly is “When is a good time to plan for retirement?”

Financial constraints like mortgage repayments can consume income in our early years, making planning for retirement almost unthinkable. So should you wait until the mortgage is paid off? If so, in my experience, this means retirement planning only becomes a priority around age 55 or even older.

A lot of my clients have some really good foundations in place for retirement – maybe KiwiSaver, a transferred UK pension, a rental property, health insurance, some savings and a good awareness of New Zealand Superannuation. However, what many people aren’t doing is drawing these building blocks together to create an overall plan to achieve the very best retirement.

Putting a retirement plan in place early is important because it will allow you to identify if there is a shortfall between what you have now and what you need to accumulate for a good retirement, as well as when to cash up any investments to pay for your new lifestyle. If a shortfall is identified early we can deal with it pretty painlessly. Leave it too late though and it could be an expensive exercise to sort out in the time remaining and it could impact your quality of life.

If you are interested in taking charge of your retirement planning and looking after your future, contact your adviser, or me, now on 0800 28 28 33 or

Remember – a healthy 65 year old can expect to live another 25 to 30 years (or even more in some cases).


How will a change of Government affect your investment? Share this article:

How will a change of Government affect your investment?

At the time of writing Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has recently been sworn in as New Zealand’s 40th Prime Minister, on the 26th of October, bringing a change of Government, and one that is made up of three different political parties.

The financial market reacted to the change of Government with the stock market and the New Zealand dollar both experiencing a slight drop in value, although experts seem to agree that this is likely to be a short-term outcome, and one that is typically seen with a change of Government.

This may have you wondering how any of this will impact your investment with Britannia? We are happy to report that despite any uncertainty the election and subsequent change of Government may have created in the markets, the Britannia funds have continued to perform well.

For example, in the month of October, the Balanced Fund – the largest Britannia fund in which approximately two-thirds of all member funds are invested – saw an overall increase in value of $15.3 million, which equates to a return of 4.2%. All Britannia funds are invested by professional fund managers whose investment strategy is designed to provide you with solid returns in the long-term.

You can also take confidence in the fact that our staff and management have been in this business for over 20 years and we are one of New Zealand’s largest investors of pension transfer funds. 20 years might not sound like a long time but Britannia was one of the pioneers of the pension transfer industry in NZ and we currently have over $570 million under management for more than 5400 people.

If you have any questions about your investment with Britannia please get in touch with your adviser or contact us directly on 0800 28 28 33 or email us at

Don’t forget that you can check the balance of your investment by logging into your account here - 'Member Login.'


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