Q. How much does it cost me to transfer my pension?

A. The amount it costs depends on the service you consider best meets your needs. Currently we offer three services:-

  1. Electronic - designed for those who have a sound understanding about UK pensions, the pros and cons of transferring their pension and which investment choice(s) meet their needs. Also, for those who only want information to be supplied electronically.
  2. Standard - designed for those who need access to 'easy to understand' information which would enable them to make a more informed decision as to whether to transfer their pension.
  3. Premium - designed for those wanting personalised financial advice to help them decide whether or not it is in their best interests to transfer their pension and if so, what investment fund(s) within the Britannia Retirement Scheme would meet their needs.

For the Electronic and Standard services the following fees will be agreed with you before you transfer to the Scheme:

  • A Contribution Fee of up to 2.5% to cover administrative costs associated with the transfer.
  • Financial Adviser Fees.

For the Premium service, in addition to the above fee, there is a Statement of Advice fee which generally varies between NZ$500 - NZ$1,800  plus GST, depending on the level of advice required.

Once invested in the Britannia Retirement Scheme other fees also apply. See the Product Disclosure Statement for a description. 


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