How does it work?

When you invest in our Lifetime Income Fund, your savings are invested into a fund which is designed to grow your nest egg and make it last as long as possible.

On top of that, your retirement income is insured so that it lasts as long as you do. You don’t need to worry about stock market crashes or low interest rates affecting it.

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Investment returns from the Fund are added to your account whilst fees, tax, lifetime income insurance premiums and your fortnightly (or four weekly) retirement income payments are deducted.

Even if your regular retirement income payments deplete your savings in the Fund, it doesn’t mean you’ll run out of income. Your income is insured by Lifetime Income Limited to make sure your income keeps getting paid to you for the whole of your life.

With our Lifetime Income Fund, you know that you’ve got money coming in every fortnight to pay the bills and enjoy yourself, just like when you were working.

If you need to withdraw some, or all, of your remaining savings down the track, you can. It’s your money and it’s always available to you.

You can withdraw up to 20% of your Protected Income Base in either one or more withdrawals and your insured income will be reduced proportionately. If you choose to withdraw more than 20% of your Protected Income Base, we may treat this as a full withdrawal and your insured income will cease. The Protected Income Base concept is explained on page 12.

If you pass away, any remaining balance will go to your estate.

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When can you invest?

You can invest into the Lifetime Income Fund at any time by making one or more lump sum investments. The minimum amount of any lump sum investment is $25,000 and the maximum total investment permitted is $1,000,000


Why invest in Britannia's Lifetime Income Fund?

The Lifetime Fund is part of the Britannia Retirement Scheme which is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority, managed by Britannia Financial Services and supervised by The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited. This professional combination of retirement investment gives you lifetime retirement income and security for life.


What will your retirement income be?

Your investment is made into a Lifetime Income Fund, which is a moderate fund. The initial amount of money you invest is called your Protected Income Base (PIB); your insured retirement income is a percentage of your PIB. We review your PIB annually, if your investment account balance has increased, we will increase your PIB to match it. However, if your investment account balance falls, your PIB will remain the same. Other factors, such as the age you start receiving income payment also play a roll.


Britannia’s Lifetime Income Fund


What is the Lifetime Income Fund?


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Disclosure Statements for our Authorised Financial Advisers are available on request and free of charge. The Product Disclosure Statement for the Britannia Retirement Scheme is available from Britannia Financial Services Limited.

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