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Meet Emma Johnson

We would like to introduce you to Emma Johnson who is one of New Zealand’s most recent UK migrants, one of 7,500 Brits who arrived here on work visas in the 12 months to June.*

Emma won a competition we ran earlier in the year scoring herself a flight to New Zealand. When she found out she’d won her first thought was “This is fate – I’m meant to be there!” Fate or not, Emma was on the plane the following week and hasn’t looked back since.

Emma first visited NZ just three years ago and made a few more trips before arriving in the country as a permanent resident in May this year.

“I love this part of the world – the lifestyle, people, climate – it’s just very relaxed here, and feels safe too. It’s quite different to the UK though so I definitely recommend to anyone thinking of moving here that they visit first to make sure the lifestyle matches up to what they want.”

Once the decision was made Emma engaged an emigration company to handle her paperwork while she focused on finding a job.

“I’m glad I didn’t do the process on my own as it saved me a lot of stress and instead of taking 3-6 months like I thought it would it took only 5 weeks! I found a job quite quickly and my new employer was really helpful in terms of providing supporting documents, so in that sense I was very lucky.”

What a whirlwind it’s been for Emma – with everything happening in just four months from deciding to make the move to being on the plane – and it’s fair to say she’s still in the honeymoon period.

“At the moment I don’t miss anything about the UK but I know that there’ll be times when I’ll miss family and friends. I’ve come to NZ with the intention of staying but I’m holding onto my house in the UK for the first 12 months because I want to be 100% sure.”

Although Emma is adamant she’s in NZ for good, she’s definitely doing the right thing by keeping her options open, and that includes transferring her pension too.

“I’ll be picking up the phone to Britannia as soon as I’ve made the decision to be in NZ for good. I’ve got a few different pensions and I’m keen to amalgamate them and bring them all to NZ. I’m planning to grow old here so it makes sense have my funds here to enjoy.”

We wish Emma all the best for her future in NZ and look forward to helping her with her pension transfer when the time’s right.

A snapshot of Brits coming to New Zealand*

  • Migrant arrivals totalled 131,400 up 5% from the previous year.
  • 12% or around 15,000 people came from the UK.
  • The UK contributed the most people arriving on work visas.
  • Around half of all migrants intend to settle in the Auckland region with 11% in the Canterbury region and 9% in the Wellington region.

(*Source: Statistics New Zealand, for the year ended June 2017)

If you know anyone who has recently made the move to NZ from the UK we’d love to hear from them. Tell them to mention your name and if they end up transferring their pension we’ll give you $250 as a thank you!

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