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Is the grass greener?

Not long ago we sent out a survey to our investors about life in NZ. Here’s what you told us.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who took part in the survey – we really appreciate it! We were able to collect some valuable information including an insight into how many of you have adapted to life in New Zealand – the good and the bad.

‘Life in NZ is good’ was the overall message with over 85% of respondents describing themselves as happy, thanks mainly to this country being safe, a great place to bring up kids, promoting a good lifestyle and, well, pretty much everything!

Other common themes included: open spaces, great weather (although not lately right?), beautiful scenery, friendly people, smaller population, laidback, less pressure to conform and the list goes on. A couple of quotes:

“I enjoy the sense of freedom, less traffic and people. Great places to visit.”
“Lifestyle, work balance and a great place to raise children.”

Top of things missed from home were unsurprisingly – family & friends, “English Ale, cheese, and pork pies,” as well as culture, history and ease of travel. That said, very few of you saw yourselves moving back to the UK in the future – a real tick for New Zealand.

When we asked those surveyed how much money they wanted in retirement two thirds of those who replied said they wanted an annual income of $50,000 or more. After state super that would mean a couple retiring with a lump sum of over $400,000, which begs the question – how well placed are you?

The survey indicated less than half of people are happy with their current financial plan for retirement – so if you’re worried about how you are going to reach your retirement goals we encourage you to talk to your financial adviser as soon as possible.

Make sure you reach those greener pastures and get the most out of retirement that your situation allows. And if you need further convincing check out our article below “The True Value of Advice” which comments on a survey that links financial advice with greater happiness.

On a side note – it was good news too for Britannia, with the huge majority of you saying you would be happy to refer us to fellow Brits – so again, thanks! We know there’s always room for improvement so please get in touch with any feedback or suggestions at We’d love to hear from you.


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