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The true value of advice

Can you put more than a monetary value on good financial advice?

We all know it’s a good idea to get professional financial advice to help us save for the future. But that advice might prove to be beneficial in more areas than we initially think.

Recently IOOF (one of Australia’s largest financial services companies and one of Britannia’s fund managers) released a White Paper which found that investors who took professional financial advice also benefitted from a range of other life-enhancing factors. We wanted to share some of the main findings with you.

Overall, people taking financial advice had around a 20% increase in their “peace of mind with regards to their financial future” which is good enough reason (as we say in “Is the grass greener?”) to get on top of your financial planning early. However, a similar increase was reported in “overall personal happiness” and a similar decrease in “arguments with loved ones about money” and “personal relationships being impacted due to concerns about money.”

It seems like an obvious link but not one that’s talked about much – so it’s good to see it in some statistics. And just think of all the extra time everyone would have if they weren’t worrying about money! Not to mention money saved on therapy and goodness knows what else!

We particularly like the connection with “peace of mind” because that’s what we’re here for – to provide peace of mind so that you can get on and enjoy life and all that New Zealand can offer.


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