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Brexit Blues

How might current world uncertainty - especially in the UK - affect your investments?

History always throws out surprises. The UK election result earlier this year was a good example, and as for how Brexit negotiations will pan out, well, it seems to be anyone’s guess just now. Kate Adie for those who remember the BBC News and who visited New Zealand recently said that privately even members of the UK government had no good idea what would happen.

As usual, the general commentary is that financial markets don’t like uncertainty and clearly the UK currently has that in droves. So what points are there to be taken away for investors with an eye on the UK here in New Zealand? Well, for us at Britannia there are two main messages.

Firstly, the Britannia Schemes are invested with professional fund managers and the investment strategy is designed to provide solid returns into the future.

Secondly, markets have always gone up and down which means your investment with Britannia will do the same. Many factors will determine these movements and most are beyond our control. In New Zealand, we have an election coming up soon, the outcome and impact of which is uncertain.

But with good management, history tells us that regardless of what events happen in the short term, a balanced and well managed investment will usually go up in the long run.

If you are worried about the level of up’s and more importantly down’s that could happen to your investment, again speak with your financial adviser or contact us at and ask for a self-assessment questionnaire so you can check your own attitude to financial risk


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