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In this issue of Money Matters we’re delighted to introduce you to our Operations Manager extraordinaire Tracey Harper-Verwoerd. Tracey has a wealth of knowledge and quite frankly we don’t know where we’d be without her!

Recently returned from a South Island holiday (Britannia is based in Auckland) we thought you might enjoy hearing about her travels and maybe pick up some tips if you’re considering a journey south. 

How long have you worked for Britannia?
Coming up 13 years.

What's your favourite part of the job?
Working with a great team to bring a personal service to our Scheme members. 

What took you to the South Island?
Our son was starting at a school offering a great outdoor pursuits programme - and someone had to carry the mountain bike, pack, wet suit, hiking boots... guess I will be working for a few more years!

Have you travelled to the South Island before? 
In the last 10 years we have - with our children - done three road trips in winter travelling from Christchurch around various bits, but never to Golden and Tasman Bays.

What was your rough itinerary? 
We travelled from Jackson Bay at the bottom of the West Coast highway to Karamea at the top of the West Coast, which is also the start/end of the Heaphy track. We then went around to Golden and Tasman Bays, then along the newly re-opened State Highway 1 down to Temuka, Naseby and finally Queenstown (spending some of our tourist dollars in Kaikoura to help the earthquake recovery).

What was on your 'must do' list?

There were too many to list all of them. But the trip to Farewell Spit and lighthouse at the top of the South Island was outstanding and definitely a highlight. So were the Nelson Lakes, Waikoropupu Springs and limestones caves and arches. Walking in the Abel Tasman National Park (we did lots of walking!) and visiting a few towns off the beaten track was also fun. The whole trip exceeded our expectations which were pretty high already.

What would you recommend to anyone who's thinking of holidaying in the South Island?
Plan your trip. Stay at the smaller towns. There is so much to see and large distances to cover. Be practical with how much time you spend in the car or you will miss a lot. Allow for slow travel times due to traffic, road works, stopping to look at the scenery... 

What’s your top tip?
If you hire a rental car, memorise the number plate promptly. You will see many identical ones! And expect to make another visit to see the bits you missed.

(Stats tell us that the majority of Brits who move to New Zealand end up living in Auckland or elsewhere in the North Island, so we thought this would be a relevant topic for many of our clients. If you’re already based in the South Island we’d love to hear your top tips for holidaymakers and we’ll share them in our next newsletter.)


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