Remember Emma? She’s loving the Kiwi lifestyle

Just over a year ago we introduced you to Emma Johnson, a UK migrant who moved to New Zealand immediately after winning flights in a Britannia competition. The ball was already rolling for Emma in terms of her move but as she said at the time “Winning the competition was fate – it proved to me that it was meant to be!”

When we first spoke to Emma it was early days for her in NZ but she was extremely positive about the move. We’re so pleased to hear that things have continued to go well for her, including a move from Tauranga to Wellington after meeting her new partner Shane.

We asked Emma a few questions about her life in NZ:

How is life treating you in NZ since we last spoke?
Life is still amazing here in NZ, it’s been nearly 16 months since I arrived, I changed areas where I live from Tauranga to Wellington - but only for love!

What are you enjoying most about NZ?
NZ is laidback, has an easygoing lifestyle and definitely is a destination where lifestyle comes before work.

What do you still miss from the UK?
Not very much apart from my family and friends, but FaceTime makes it so easy to stay in touch, oh and tasty cheese!

What prompted your recent decision to transfer your pension to NZ?
I partly made the decision due to the tax-free time period (4 years) you have of transferring funds from the UK and have made the decision this is where I want to stay.

What advice would you give others thinking about making the move to NZ?
Visit NZ, go to emigration seminars, join groups on social media and ask questions as everyone already here is happy to assist with queries or worries that you may have.

Have you met many other Brits in NZ?
I’ve met a number of Brits here in New Zealand – you do come across a lot of them! Everyone loves it here and would never go back. They have all said that whenever they revisit the UK, they know they have made the right move. I am travelling back to the UK in May 2019 so it will be a couple of years since last seeing my family and friends, however this is the only reason I’m planning on going back for a holiday.

Any other comments?
I often think NZ is like the UK used to be about 10-15 years ago in some respects, and I think this is one of the nice things about living here. Everything is so laid back and you don’t feel as if you have to keep up with the Jones’, which is often what many parts of the UK are like. Kiwis are super friendly and everyone makes you feel so welcome, I’ve experienced this both in my work life and private life so far.

If you know anyone who has recently made the move to NZ from the UK we’d love to hear from them. Tell them to mention your name and if they end up transferring their pension we’ll give you $250 as a thank you!

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