Giving loved ones the gift of a will

Just about everything in life is more fun than thinking about what happens when we die, or become incapable of making choices about ourselves and the things we own. So, it was no surprise that when asked to write a piece for our newsletter on wills and enduring powers of attorney even paying bills seemed like a great diversion from getting underway with this piece… but please read on as it’s important.  

Why is this topic so hard to think about and deal with?

The answer is simple, none of us want to confront death or, often worse, become incapacitated.  None of us want to say goodbye to our loved ones or leave them in the lurch. Instead, most of us want our loved ones to remember us at our finest and to not cause them any issues when we’re gone.

Despite being extremely confronting, one of the greatest gifts we can provide the people we care about is making sure their lives can go on as smoothly as possible even when we have gone or can no longer make our own decisions. Doing as much as you can now for those you love isn’t difficult or expensive. 
It simply means making a will and putting in place an enduring power of attorney.
Not doing this can create an administrative nightmare for those we leave behind. Unless you have a will significantly longer and more complicated administration processes can make day to day living difficult for those you care about. Worse still, your things may not even go to the people you want!
These issues become even more complicated for UK expats who were born or have assets in the UK (or other countries) but die here in New Zealand.  Unless you have a will which directs how all your property is to be distributed (wherever located) the whole process can become difficult, costly, slow and painful.
So although mundane, it's really important that:
  • If you don't have a will and enduring power of attorney, make an appointment with your solicitor or if you don’t have or know one, your Britannia adviser can point you in the right direction.
  • If you already have a will and enduring power of attorney well done!  However, things change so you should review it every few years (or following significant life events) to make sure they still convey your wishes now.
Your Britannia adviser is also a good first port of call if you need help getting started. Remember none of us know when our last day will be or when an event might occur that changes our ability to live as we expect so let’s all get this done so we can get on with living!


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