Keeping steady on shaky ground (Members of the Britannia Retirement Scheme)

Since early October markets have become more volatile, with good and bad news battling it out. Investing for retirement means you‚Äôre in it for the long run ‚Äď life expectancy for a 65-year-old is around 20 years and that‚Äôs a lot of good times, new challenges and unexpected events that need to be funded. One of the key requirements for good long-term investment is diversification, and ensuring all funds are well diversified across geographies, industries and individual companies.

Over the year to 30 September 2018, the funds in the Britannia Retirement Scheme have performed well.  We measure our (post fees) performance against our peers and over that year, the main four funds have performed as follows:
Fund Ranking   Peer group - from the MJW (*) Investment Survey
 Moderate  1st of 8  Moderate KiwiSaver Funds
 Lifetime Income  2nd of 8 (**)  Moderate KiwiSaver Funds
 Balanced  3rd of 11  Balanced KiwiSaver Funds
 Growth  4th of 13  Growth KiwiSaver Funds
(*) MJW (‚ÄúMelville Jessop Weaver‚ÄĚ) is an independent firm of consulting actuaries which provides investment consulting services across New Zealand.¬† The June survey can be found at:

(**) excluding the insurance fees of the Lifetime Income Fund to make the peer group more comparable.  Including this fee the fund ranked 3rd of 8.
Remember that you can check your balance anytime by visiting and clicking on the ‚ÄėCurrent Members‚Äô page, then selecting the appropriate Scheme. If you have any questions feel free to contact your adviser or Britannia on 0800 500 811.¬†

Thank you for trusting Britannia to take care of your retirement savings.


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