Opportunities to reduce plastic popped up all over the place.

Plastic-Free July - the wrap up


In a previous edition of Money Matters we mentioned about our team’s commitment to Plastic-free July. We’re happy to say it went very well. It was challenging, eye-opening and helped us discover lots of ways to reduce our plastic usage.

Once we started keeping an eye on it, we soon noticed the amount of plastic around the place. However, our inventive side soon kicked in and opportunities to reduce plastic popped up all over the place.

We’ve developed some very good plastic-free habits, which we’re sticking with. There are now many more reusable containers being used than plastic wrappers or Glad Wrap. What’s more, we’ve got a ready supply of reusable containers for our team to use for lunch leftovers.

Any soft plastics we do use are collected and taken to the bins at our local Countdown supermarket for recycling. The plastic bin liners in our kitchen are out, and compostable liners in.

And, once we viewed the office through an environmental lens, we saw other places to make a difference, like choosing black and white double-sided photocopies and composting food scraps to reduce landfill and help the veggies grow.

These good habits have followed us home, too. Many of our staff have committed to reducing domestic plastic use, like shampoo bottles and packaging, and collecting soft plastics for recycling.

You can help by taking your own bags to the shops, choosing reusable containers for takeaway food and coffee and swapping Glad Wrap for wax wraps. Many products, like washing powers, now come in cardboard packaging. Even a simple bamboo straw is one less piece of plastic.

We hope your Plastic-Free July has been as positive as ours. If you’re concerned about plastic use and disposal and want to make a difference, any month is a good time to start.


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