You’ve come this far, now it’s time to really travel.

Time To Travel


You probably know many people who can’t wait to see the world when they retire. You might have this goal yourself. Our advisers frequently hear their clients saying that their main retirement goal is travel, which is not surprising after a life of work, when there is suddenly more time and less commitments.

The first consideration is, naturally, to make sure there’s a good financial plan. To this end, your investment with us can really make your retirement funds work harder for you. We encourage you to talk to us about making your retirement years as bright as can be.

Being clear about your plans and aspirations will also help you realise your travel dreams. And that’s another area we can help you with.

For instance, New Zealand is a great place to travel with a whole lot to see and, of course, more affordable and convenient than international travel. Long-time Britannia client David Hall, who runs a successful travel business called New Zealand Encounters has seen the number of Kiwi retirees achieving their travel dreams increasing, and says:

“There’s definitely a demand for domestic holidays within the retirees’ market. You need time to travel and for many people they don’t have the time to spare until they are retired. I also believe that, nowadays, people don’t have as much disposable income, so they are looking to do local vacations. It costs a lot more to travel internationally than people think, and the exchange rate can put people off having an overseas holiday.

Plus, New Zealand is one of the most spectacular countries in the world and many of our clients – including New Zealanders – get a buzz out of being able to walk along a beach and not see another soul.”

Here are some handy, practical ways to help you travel, stretch the budget and love the experience wherever you go. For a start, you could consider house-sitting, which cuts accommodation costs. Retirees are valued for this because they’re considered trustworthy and good at looking after homes and pets.

Perhaps a house swap might work for you. This idea works well for extended stays, and, if you find like-minded people it can lead to ongoing holiday swaps.

It’s such a popular form of accommodation, there are several websites which offer these services. Check out, and for starters.

Whatever your travel plans and preferred accommodation style, it always pays to look out for last-minute travel deals and specials, and to travel right before or after peak seasons when the weather’s still good but the peak tourist rush is over.

One last, and often overlooked tip; try and stay somewhere with a kitchen. You’ll slash your meal bill and you can even prepare lunches for day trips.

The best time to talk about realising your travel goals is now. Contact your Britannia adviser today.


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