Our team of Authorised Financial Advisers focus on your goals and objectives and how to achieve them. We encourage regular face-to-face reviews so we can understand how your circumstances may have changed and ensure your money continues to work the best it possibly can.

As well as UK pension transfers, we can help across all aspects of your personal financial planning with a full array of services including:-

As they say, today's the first day of the rest of your life - so let’s get started.

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Britannia is an expert in all types of insurance. Our comprehensive advice process understands your situation, your goals and objectives so as we can ensure you and your family are adequately protected. We have relationships with all the major insurers in New Zealand and provide advice on:-

  • Life insurance – protecting your loved ones should the worst happen.
  • Trauma insurance – providing financial support to help you through illness.
  • Income protection insurance – helping you pay the bills if you’re unable to work.
  • Medical insurance – keeping you and your family as healthy as possible.
  • Mortgage protection insurance – making sure your home loan is covered no matter what.
  • Total disability insurance – lump sum cover if you find yourself unable to work.
  • It’s not just about having cover - it's about ensuring you have the right cover and with regular reviews to ensure it stays that way.

To talk to one of our expert team email us or call us free on 0800 28 28 33


Britannia is an expert in investment advice. We know the importance of building relationships and the better we know you and what you are striving for, the better we can use our expertise to help you grow your wealth and secure that future, including:-

  • Understanding your goals - what you want to achieve and in what timeframe.
  • Understanding your risk appetite - really knowing how you react when markets move - do you treat it as an opportunity, a worry or something else.
  • Building your portfolio – helping you achieve your goals with a portfolio of investments you understand and feel comfortable with.

One of the great ways of securing your future is through:-

  • Kiwisaver – saving for your retirement with a helping hand from the New Zealand government. We can help you decide on which provider best suits your needs.

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Britannia is an expert in this area too. We can recommend which banking products among the many out there will perform best for you:-

  • Understanding your mortgage needs - we have comprehensive research on the mortgage market. We know what all the providers are offering on any day so we can tell you what fits your needs best.
  • Understanding your investments - some banking products like term deposits can form a part of your overall investments. And, like everything we do, we understand the market in depth to make sure that your goals are being achieved at good value for money.

To talk to one of our expert team email us or call us free on 0800 28 28 33