Matthew Harris

Matthew Harris          

International Taxation Specialist

Matthew has been a taxation specialist for eleven years, including nine years working for the Inland Revenue Department in international and complex taxation areas.

He has a wide understanding of New Zealand’s taxation system and the operation of Inland Revenue policy and process. This knowledge and insight allows Matthew to offer a complete service for clients, from providing tax advice and meeting tax compliance obligations to managing Inland Revenue audits and Inland Revenue debt issues.

As an International Taxation specialist, Matthew also possesses a wide understanding of the tax rules that apply to new and returning migrants - including the application of the transitional residency and superannuation transfer exemptions - and can offer advice on all offshore taxation matters.

Matthew’s remit covers a diverse range of services - from taxation of foreign superannuation transfers to New Zealand, to migrant audit management, to remission of interest and penalties incurred from superannuation transfers (the latter with a 100% success rate to date). His average fee for new migrant taxation work is $700 + GST and he typically saves clients between three and four times that fee in tax payable - in the form of refunds from Inland Revenue or the HMRC and/or a reduction in tax payable.

Matthew Harris

Mark Hattersley          


UK Pensions Specialist

Mark has been involved in financial services since 1979, working both for UK product providers and later owning a very successful fee-remunerated independent financial advisory business. He emigrated to New Zealand with his family in 2004, before returning to the UK in 2012.

Mark’s understanding of UK pensions was put to good use in New Zealand where he spent a number of years as product manager for two NZ Superannuation Schemes registered to receive transfers from UK pensions.

Mark has always been committed to ongoing professional development. He is a Chartered Wealth Manager and a Chartered Financial Planner in the UK, as well as being a Certified Financial Planner in both the UK and New Zealand. His qualifications enable him to provide clients with specialised pension transfer advice.

A technically focussed individual who relishes getting to grips with the complexities of UK pensions legislation - and in particular those relating to overseas transfers - Mark provides technical guidance to the Britannia Financial Services Group on all aspects of UK pensions, as well as to overseas international financial advisers.

He has been married to Danielle for over 30 years. They have three sons, two of whom still live in Wellington, which gives him plenty of excuse to travel here regularly. Outside of work Mark enjoys amateur dramatics, travel and watching football (he is a long-suffering Sheffield United supporter).